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#013 - Game Development with Brett Halupa

August 09, 2023 Fede Iachetti & Seb Wilgosz Season 1 Episode 13
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#013 - Game Development with Brett Halupa
Show Notes


In this engaging episode, hosts Seb and Fede sit down with the talented game developer Brett Chalupa to discuss his creative journey and the pursuit of fulfillment in creative endeavors. The conversation takes unexpected turns, delving into the importance of side projects, navigating the gaming industry, and finding motivation in pursuing one's passion.

In this episode...

  • Brett’s background
  • History of Making Games with Ruby
  • Why DragonRuby Game Toolkit
  • Embracing Side Projects
  • Navigating the Gaming Industry
  • Finding Fulfillment in Creativity
  • The role of intrinsic motivation in creative work
  • Overcoming creative blocks and self-doubt
  • Cultivating a positive and inspiring network
  • What Future can hold

Resources Mentioned

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About the Guest

Brett Chalupa is a passionate game developer known for his exceptional work in the gaming industry. With a focus on creative exploration and embracing side projects, Brett has gained recognition for his innovative approach to game development. Through his various platforms and channels, he shares valuable insights and tips with aspiring developers and creatives.

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