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#010 Advanced Ruby with Jeremy Evans

May 10, 2023 Fede Iachetti & Seb Wilgosz Season 1 Episode 10
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#010 Advanced Ruby with Jeremy Evans
Show Notes

In this episode, we're digging into the Roda framework, and behind the scenes of maintaining super popular Ruby gems on the professional level.

In this episode

  1. The story of Roda and Jeremy's motivation
  2. The Mastering Roda Book - why and how it can be free?
  3. The process behind creating Polished Ruby Programming book
  4. Jeremy's tips about God-level documentation on projects
  5. Time management tips & Behind the scenes of Jeremy's life.

Where to find Jeremy

Links mentioned
Mastering Roda Book
- Polished Ruby Programming book
- Roda
- Sequel

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