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#009 - Speaking on conferences with Trung Vo!

March 29, 2023 Fede Iachetti & Seb Wilgosz Season 1 Episode 9
content_for :devs
#009 - Speaking on conferences with Trung Vo!
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Attending conferences can be an amazing boost to the career, and speaking at them is even better. However, Speaking on meetups can be freakin' challenging, so in this episode we talk about it with someone who is absolutely awesome with it.

In this episode

1. Is Angular Dead?
2. Local conferences - Why attend them?
3. Speaking on conferences
4. Blogging
5. What positive impact content creation has on your career?
6. The "Thank you" block!

Where to find Trung?
- Book a slot and chat!
- Github trungk18
- Twitter @tuantrungvo

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Is Angular Dead?
Speaking at conferences
How content creation affects our lives
Shout outs
Tips for talking at conferences