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#005 - Streaming Magic with Chris Booth!

February 08, 2023 Fede Iachetti & Seb Wilgosz Season 1 Episode 5
content_for :devs
#005 - Streaming Magic with Chris Booth!
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In this episode of content_for :devs we have our first guest! We talk with Chris Booth about all things streaming. 

We talk tips, tricks, strategies and challenges we face when streaming.

We had a great time talking to him and we hope you enjoy it as well.

In this episode ...

  1. Intro and project updates.
  2. Why did Chris start streaming
  3. How did we got into streaming
  4. How to be fluent at streaming
  5. Strategies to feel more natural when streaming
  6. Tips for streaming
  7. How Chris organizes his life for streaming
  8. Challenges of streaming
  9. The financial side of streaming

Where to find Chris and The Rubber Duck Dev Show

Why streaming?

  • No need for editing
  • Helps meet a lot of people from all over the  world
  • Generate community

Strategies for streaming

  • Have a partner to talk to
  • If you don't have a partner, use the chat to interact

Tips for streaming

  • Stream to multiple services at the same time with
  • Audio is king
  • Good lighting can make you look better than a great camera
  • Using higher quality cameras can help editing further
  • Use your smartphone as a camera
  • Understand what you're trying to accomplish with your stream 
  • Be consistent
  • Just start, even if you're afraid
  • Don't rely on the platform's algorythm, but figure out what works for your audience


  • Getting bored with things
  • Fear of goofing up
  • Fear of getting in front of the camera

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Intro and project updates
Why does Chis decided to start streaming?
Becoming fluent at streaming
Fede's experience in streaming
Strategies to feel more natural, talking to Chat
Tips for streaming
What's Chris's objective with his stream
Planning your day
The financial side of streaming. Can you make money?