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#004 - Writing Tips!

January 25, 2023 Fede Iachetti & Seb Wilgosz Season 1 Episode 4
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#004 - Writing Tips!
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In this episode of content_for :devs we talk about strategies and approaches we use for writing our episodes and other media.

We also go throug some tips and tricks about scripting we use in our day to day.

Media types we discuss:

  • Screencasts
  • Courses
  • Podcasts 

In this episode ...

  1. Intro and project updates.
  2. Different approaches we use for scripting.

Different approaches and strategies we use for scripting:

  • Start with a problem and come out with a solution
  • Design the code first and then fill in the text
  • Develop a solution (an application for example) in a separate folder and then pull code into the script
  • Do the entire process of scripting inside Obsidian (using Markdown)
  • To work with code, setup a scaffold application where you can work on
  • Have a separate repository for the episodes code
  • Copy snippets of your working application into your episode. This way you're sure the code works
  • Use notion for the entire process, including the scripting

Approaches and strategies for scripting courses

  • Start with the outline (which might be changed later: it's not written in stone)
  • Write short lessons (one idea per lesson)

Approaches and strategies for podcasting:

  • Create the transcript automatically
  • Outline by putting big ideas into a file and then fill them in with questions and comments
  • Improvise the content of the podcast
  • Use Descript to edit the transcript and the video/audio

Tips and tricks:

  • Use org-mode, which allows you to jump between prose and code (which gets inserted in the script) with a simple keybinding
  • Use the seeing_is_believing gem to insert output directly on your ruby code 
  • Symlink the folder with the articles from Obsidian to keep track of your scripts in your second brain
  • Use your past episode's applications to scaffold your current episode
  • Publish using a platform
  • Publish using Bridgetown
  • Use images for SEO

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Intro and project updates.
Today's topic - Writing tips
Fede's approach for scripting
Seb's approach for scripting
Writing a course
Podcasting - Transcript, show notes, outline and episode content