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#003 - Screencasting tips!

January 18, 2023 Fede Iachetti & Seb Wilgosz Season 1 Episode 3
content_for :devs
#003 - Screencasting tips!
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In this episode of content_for :devs we discuss tips and tricks we use (or know of) for making screencasting a great experience. 

We also dive into different approaches to screencasting and define what's important for us on our screencasts.

In this episode ...

  1. Intro and projects updates.
  2. Different approaches to screencasting
  3. What's important to remember before you start a screencast
  4. Screencasting tips and tricks

Different approaches to screencasting

  • Record live
  • The "Destroy All Software" way
  • Record each step separately

What's important?

  • Big fonts, browser/editor zoom
  • Watchable on mobile
  • Switch off notifications
  • Hide the clock and apps
  • Topic, keep examples simple, stay focused.
  • Terminal theme

Tips we mentioned

  • use a VM
  • vagrant!
  • Processes (apps)
  • Shoot marks in the script
  • Hide your mouse cursor
  • Clean screen after each step (shot)
  • Auto insert shots asd shot numbers

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Project updates
Today's topic - Screencasting tips and tricks
Recording live and streaming
Recording each step separately
What to remember before we start producing a screencast
Tips and tricks for screencasting